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I have dabbled in my private practice for a while now. Taking on a few clients here and there who have reached out, and who I can make an impact on by working together to combat their struggle with the binge and restrict cycle and the overall destructive diet mentality that consumes our society. Helping people unlearn life long, hurtful habits and thought processes that lead them into a vortex of regularly dieting and then punishing themselves when the restrictive behaviors being followed “fail”. Diets don’t work. There is an endless amount of scientific data, articles, and reasons on a biochemical level as to why they aren’t sustainable, and often not healthy. Finding a healthy balance for your life, your body, and your mind is what I do for my clients. It may not be the quick, magic bullet some are looking for, but I assure you that the impact last longer and the habits created can be carried with you lifelong. The freedom found in stopping the all-consuming focus of what you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat, when you should eat, what you should limit, and on and on, is immeasurable. You will discover how much time you wasted overthinking and criticizing yourself and you will find freedom, peace, and joy in giving yourself back your life and your mind to focus on the things that truly matter!

I am officially open for business and looking to help more people ditch the diet cycle to break free from diet culture and help them find peace with food and nutrition. What does this mean? During our sessions we will work to rid you of the destructive mindsets around food and nutrition and we will unravel the unhealthy habits around food and restrictive thinking. I help guide and counsel you to build the tools needed for a healthy relationship with food and movement, and help you to incorporate these habits in sustainable and healthy ways for YOU and for the long run. Discover how to break free, feel your best, and gain back the time you have spent criticizing your mind and body when it comes to food and nutrition to feel empowered, peaceful, and happy!

Head over to the “Work with Me” page on my website to contact me about working together. I have a limited number of clients I can take on, so be in touch quickly to secure a spot on my client list and to ensure we get started on your road to food and body image freedom today! I look forward to working with you and helping you discover all there is to offer when it comes to ditching the diet cycle and finding the freedom to live your life without a restrictive mindset and behaviors around food and nutrition. Sign up now!


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